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Rent a car in Azores

It's not always easy to find the right car at the right price in the Azores, that's why we created AzoresRentalCars. We've been around since 2015 offering a simple website where you can compare and book a car on all islands of the archipelago (except in Corvo).

What sets us apart

We partner with the BEST local and independent car rental companies in the Azores. You'll find offers from smaller companies with fleets as small as 20 cars, to larger groups with hundreds of cars spread across the archipelago. Rest assured, every provider listen on our site has been carefully selected and consistently achieve good ratings from fellow travelers. Our end goal is to provide you with the perfect vehicle for your trip at a fair price, while promoting local business.

We know a lot about renting a car in the Azores

We've developed a pretty good knowledge base thanks to thousands of inquiries from other travelers and processed reservations. We are confident to say we know the most about renting a car in these beautiful islands than anyone else. Below are a few useful topics, however if you have further questions feel free to email us. By the way: our customer support is also much faster to reply compared to others.

> Free Cancellation up to 24h before

We offer full flexibility so you can cancel your car rental up to 24h before pick-up - no questions asked! Cars in the Azores tend to sell out during the Summer, especially the economic cars, automatic cars and the 7 seat and 9 seat vans. It's important to book early in advance - we have customers that book up to 10 months before! If your plans change just send us an email and we'll cancel your reservation free of charge.

> Rent a car without a Credit Card

We partner with different local suppliers in the Azores and a good part of them don't require a credit card to rent a car. All you need is a standard debit card. You can easily check the payment requirements for each provider at the checkout page.

> Rental options with no Security Deposit required

Some of our partners in the Azores don't require a security deposit when you pick up the car. This can be especially convenient if you plan to visit different islands and rent a car each time. You'll find the deposit requirements for each provider at checkout.

Keep in mind that a zero deposit doesn't necessarily mean the car is fully insured.

> Full insurance options available

Our local partners in the Azores offer additional insurance options to provide you with extra peace of mind. You can find about extra insurance at checkout under the "Insurance" section.

> Wide range of cars to choose from

When renting a car in the Azores through us, you'll find a diverse range of options:

Small Economy Cars: Fuel-efficient, typically equipped with four seats and a compact trunk. These are ideal for two people.

Economy Cars: Slightly larger than the small economy cars, with seating for five and a more spacious trunk. Examples in this category include the Opel Corsa, Seat Ibiza, VW Polo, Renault Clio, small SUVs and more. These are suitable for three adults to sit comfortably, or even four if you're willing to cozy up a bit.

Medium Cars: A step up in size, comfortably accommodating four adults and their luggage. Models in this category include the Opel Astra, Renault Megane, VW Golf, and medium sized SUVs. On this category you'll also find versions of these cars with a longer trunk, also known as estate or station wagon.

7-Seater and 9-Seater Vans: Perfect for larger families or groups. Keep in mind there's limited availability for this type of vehicles, particularly with automatic transmission. We have customers booking their vans as early as 10 months in advance, so we highly recommend booking well in advance to secure your rental! With us, you can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before pick-up, no questions asked.

Scooters: Scooters are less common in the Azores than mainland Europe, but some of the suppliers we work with do have these for rent as well.

Useful tips when choosing a car

- Typically, travelers in the Azores don't cover long distances in their journeys. Instead, due to the size of the islands and the number of things to see, there are frequent stops, resulting in shorter drives.

- Given the hilly terrain of the Azores, depending on your group size you might find that a larger vehicle with a more powerful engine is better suited for driving around.

> Automatic cars: Book early or drive manual

Although automatic rental cars are becoming more common in the Azores, we estimate they make up only around 15% of the total car rental options. If you prefer an automatic, it's advisable to book early, particularly if you are looking for a 7 or 9-seater vans. If you change your mind or cancel your trip we offer full refund up to 24h before pick-up.

In case you end up going for a manual car and you're more accustomed to automatics, it's highly recommended to go for full insurance. The hilly terrain of the Azores can put extra strain on clutches which can lead to failure, especially if you're not entirely comfortable with manual transmissions.

> Crossing to a different island by ferry

In the Azores, you're only allowed to take your rental car across to a different island between Pico, Faial, and S.Jorge. We partner with various local suppliers on these islands, all of which permit you to take your rented car on ferries between these destinations either for free or for an additional fee.

For the remaining islands, São Miguel, Terceira, Flores, Graciosa, and Santa Maria, you're not allowed to transport a rental car on a ferry. This is not a limitation of the ferries, but rather a restriction imposed by the insurance companies of the car rental suppliers on these islands.

> Cancelled and delayed Flights and Ferries

The weather in the Azores is unpredictable, even in the Summer. This can lead to delays or even cancellations of inter-island flights and ferries, as well as incoming/outgoing flights to the archipelago. We understand how much impact this can have in your travel plans, but we are used to this by now and are here to help. Here are our recommendations to deal with this: