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Rent a car in Ponta Delgada

Welcome to Ponta Delgada, the colorful capital city of São Miguel island. If you want to explore this amazing place, having a car can make your trip even better. You can easily compare multiple suppliers and book a car through our website. Did you know we only partner with local and family owned businesses? By booking with us you are supporting the local community!

Ponta Delgada has pretty streets with lots of colorful buildings and cool cafes. You can take a walk and enjoy the relaxed vibes of this seaside city. Oh, and don't forget to try yummy seafood at the local restaurants!

With a car, you can go on exciting adventures around São Miguel. You can visit the beautiful Sete Cidades lakes, hike in the green forests of Nordeste, or relax in the warm Furnas hot springs.

Make sure to visit historical places like São Miguel Palace and the famous Gates of Ponta Delgada. They're like stepping back in time!

Having a car in Ponta Delgada means you can go wherever you want to explore the island of São Miguel. Get ready for a super fun adventure on this amazing island!