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Faial is known as “The Blue island” because different colours of blue decorate the houses, divide the fields and line the roadsides. It is the third most populated island of the Archipelago and is the westernmost corner of the so-called “Triangle Islands”, which also include São Jorge and Pico, the latter just 6 Km away from Faial. Don't miss the visit to Capelinhos Interpretive Centre, site of the 1957 eruption and now a world-acclaimed visitor centre.

The Azores is a beautiful group of islands with an great showcase of what nature has to offer. Life is very peaceful and if you are going on holidays you will definitely be able to disconnect.

It's not always easy to find the right car at the right price, that's why we created AzoresRentalCars. We partner with local car rental companies from the Azores, so you can pick the option that suits you the best.