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Rent a car in Pico

Pico is easily recognizable with its elongated shape thanks to its 42 km of length and 15 Km at its maximum width. It is dominated by the Volcano of Pico, the highest point of the island and also the highest point of Portugal. For this reason this island is top of the list for many hikers looking to go up to the top. Pico is referred to as the Ilha Preta ("Black Island"), for its black volcanic earth, responsible for its UNESCO-designated historical vineyards that allowed the development of the island.

We partner with the BEST car rental companies in Pico - all of them independent businesses from the Azores - to bring you the best deals compared to other platforms. We've been doing this since 2015 so we are confident to say we know a lot when it comes to rent a car in the island of Pico. Below are a few topics on that.

> Free Cancellation up to 24h before

We understand that plans can change, which is why we offer the convenience of free cancellation up to 24 hours before picking-up your car. So, whether it's a sudden change of plans or unexpected weather conditions (so typical in the Azores), you're covered without any extra costs, ensuring your trip remains stress-free.

> Different Pick-up and Drop-off locations

You can conveniently book your car wherever suits you best, regardless if you are arriving by plane or by boat.

> Options with no Credit Card, no Security Deposit required

We partner with different suppliers in the island of Pico, where many of them only require a standard debit card for renting. Some may even ask for a minimal or no security deposit upon car pickup. When you explore your options on our platform, you'll discover the card and deposit requirements for each vehicle during checkout. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us.

> Cross by ferry to Faial or São Jorge

Most of our rentals in Pico allow you to cross to the islands of Faial and São Jorge by ferry.

Instead of renting multiple cars or relying on inter-island flights, you can enjoy greater flexibility in your travel plans and reduce your carbon footprint by booking one single car and cross by ferry to a different island. Ferry travel times vary between 30 minutes (Pico to Faial) to 2 hours (Faial to São Jorge).

Depending on the supplier this can be either free of charge or for an additional fee. You can check if a cross island fee applies at the checkout page under "Extras".

Useful tips when crossing by ferry with a rented car: