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Rent a car in Terceira

As its name implies, Terceira was the third island of the archipelago to be discovered. It is today the second most inhabited island of the Azores and know as “The Lilac Island”. But what makes Terceira so special is the magnificent contrast between the natural beauty of this volcanic island and the admirable work of man in the historic centre of Angra do Heroísmo, which was the first place in the Azores to be classified World Heritage by UNESCO.

> No credit card required

Most of the car rental options you'll find on our website in the island Terceira don't require a credit card. Only a normal debit card is needed, such as Maestro or Visa Debit. If a security deposit is required for these options, this can be charged from your debit card and later refunded, or paid in cash.

> Free Cancellation up to 24h before

We understand that plans can change, which is why we offer the convenience of free cancellation up to 24 hours before picking-up your car. So, whether it's a sudden change of plans or unexpected weather conditions (so typical in the Azores), you're covered without any extra costs, ensuring your trip remains stress-free.

> Different Pick-up and Drop-off locations

In the island of São Miguel most of the car rental desks will be in or around Ponta Delgada. If you are staying in a different part of the island we recommend to arrange transportation to Ponta Delgada to access a larger pool of options. Car rental suppliers might charge a high fee to deliver the car outside of town and airport areas.

> Wide range of cars to choose from

In Terceira you'll find a wide range of cars to choose from:

Useful tips when selecting a car

> Full insurance options available

You can hire additional insurance to provide you with extra peace of mind. You can find about the included and the additional insurance options under the "Insurance" section when browsing our options.